On a normal day, Sandra Pacheco, an administrative assistant in Puerto Rico’s Department of Transportation and Public Works, begins her day at 7 a.m., filing paperwork for her colleagues in the fie

The new year brings good news for millions of working Americans. Nearly 7 mill

President Mike Lindholt suffered a severe medical condition.  In December, Mike had his leg amputated.  Being in our thoughts and prayers, We, members of Local 221, wish Mike and his family the very best.

President Mike Linholt has suffered a severe medical condition.  In December, Mike's leg had to be amputed.  All of us in Local 221 wish Mike a speedy recovery and that he is in our thoughts and prayers.  

On December 19th, the US Senate passed the Secure Act. The House passsed it earlier in the week.  The Secure Act - stands for Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement - is designed to help people to save more money for retirement.   

The Officers and Executive Board Members wish all members of Local 221 a safe and happy holidays.  May you all enjoy this time with family members.

Marvin Timmons is a self-declared union man, through and through. He’s also a veteran; a “mechanical guy;” a loving husband, grandfather and brother; a lover of animals and nature; and, in his own words, a “forever optimist.”

And to his coworkers and supervisors at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, where Marvin has spent the past 15 summers working in building maintenance, grounds keeping and security at Upper Sioux State Park near Granite Falls, Marvin is much more than a colleague. He’s an inspiration.

As a public librarian for the Philadelphia Free Library, Sheila O’Steen embodies what we think of when we imagine a public service worker. Every day, she interacts with members of her community. Whether her patrons are young or old, affluent or impoverished, O’Steen shares knowledge and information with everyone she serves.

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