Affordable Care Act Struck Down

On Friday, A Texas judge has struck down ACA declaring that the mandate requiring everybody to purchase health insurance unconstitutional and so the act cannot stand without it.  What does that mean for you and me.  Nothing right now.  Judge Reed O'Connor's ruling does not go into effect right away  and will remain in effect pending appeals and is expected to reach the US Supreme Court.  

This ruling should be a wake up call for those who have pre-existing condition and those individuals under the age of 26 who remain on their parents health insurance policy.  It is being predicted that if this ruling is upheld, insurance companies will not be required to insure those people who have pre-existing conditions or they will have to pay higher premiums to be insured.  It is also expected that those individuals who are not in school will not have to be covered.

Reaction is mixed.  President Trump is please as well as most Republicans but the Democrats are disappointed and vow to appeal.  The President and Repulicans are using this ruling to pass an enact a new health care act, but the Democrats like ACA but realize that it needs to be fine tuned.