The clock is ticking

The US deficit has now topped 1 trillion dollars.  This has happened only once before, the years between 2009 and 2012 when the US was dealing with the worst financial crisis and deep recession since the 1930's.  Although revenue for 2019 is up by 3.4%, spending is also up by 7%, nearly double.  The effects of the Trump's 1.5 billion dollar tax cut is very noticable, tax revenue for individuals has risen by 2%, corporate tax revenue is down by the same amount.  The Trump administration has added billions of dollars to the deficit wutg its extra spending for military and domestic programs.  Social Security and Medicare are also surging by millions as baby boomers are beginning to retire.  The national debt is not going to get any better in the future.  The Congressional Budget Office forsees that the annual deficit will top $1 trillion and never fall below that level over the next decade.  What does that mean for you?  Every citizen owes over $68 thousand or $138,138 per taxpayer just to pay off the debt.   To get the full extent of the national debt click on this link: