Tax Cuts - 10 Months Later

10 months have gone by since the GOP $1.5 trillion tax cuts were passed into law.  So how have those cuts worked?  These tax cuts were supposed to spur businesses into spending which in turn was to keep the economy growing and increase the wages of the American worker.  Capital expeditures increased for the first two quarters, 11.5% and 8.7% respectively.  But that spending has fizzled in the 3rd quarter to a tune of 0.8% with the 4th quarter expected to due not much better.  Businesses saw an increase in profits and distributed that increase in buybacks and dividends to stockholders.  It is expected that such payouts will be about $1.3 trillion, an increase of 28 percent over last year.  While businesses have seen the financial benefits from the tax cut, workers on the other hand haven't faired so generously.  Employees of large companies have seen an increase of roughly $225 in wages.