Who's wages rose the most?

In a new study conducted by the Economic Policy Institute, a nonprofit think tank based in Washington DC, reports that CEO salaries have increased by 940% over the last 40 years while the average worker only saw a 12% increase over the same period creating a huge wage gap.   It is believed that CEO's command such a huge salary increase is due to their power to negotiate their pay and not so much on their ability to increase productivity.  In fact, previous studies have shown that even when their companies have done very poorly, CEO wages have increased by huge amounts.  This reports concludes that would suffer no great harm if CEO were paid less or taxed more.

This study looked at 350 top Corporations in America and found that the average CEO earns $1.7 million. That is somewhat down from 2000 but it is still 278 times more than what the average worker earns.  That compares to a 30 to 1 ratio in 1978.