With former Vice President Joe Biden confirming his participation on Tuesday, the AFSCME-sponsored presidential candidate forum on Aug.

AFSCME Family Picnic will be held on Sunday, August 18th from 1-5 pm at Battle Creek Regional Park, Maplewood, Mn.  The park is located off McKnight and Upper Afton Rd.  This picnic relies on contr

Today, the latest attempt by the Trump administration to repeal the Affordable Care Act will

My lost-time experience further enhanced and strengthened my love for being part of our union. I’ll only work union from now on. I want to encourage everyone who doesn’t know much about the union or is looking for change, to consider participating in our member organizing program.

President Donald Trump wanted to lower the trade deficit between China and the US.  So he increased the tariffs on good imported from China.  Those tariffs have had the opposite effect on the trade gap.  As it stands now, the trade deficit is at a 10 year high.  In one months time, the trade deficit has increased by 1 billion dollars and exports has fallen for a fourth time in five months from $211.4 billion to $211 billion.   The only loser on this trade war is the American consumer who will have to pay more for goods and services.   

A federal court has ruled in favor of working families and against wealthy special interests in Danielson v. AFSCME Council 28, a case out of Washington state.  

LOS ANGELES — As fires burned in Northern and Southern California and the death toll continued to rise; as smoke engulfed nearby cities, prompting health warnings to stay indoors; and as survivors relocated to makeshift camps and hoped for the best, the best often

10 months have gone by since the GOP $1.5 trillion tax cuts were passed into law.  So how have those cuts worked?  These tax cuts were supposed to spur businesses into spending which in turn was to keep the economy growing and increase the wages of the American worker.  Capital expeditures increased for the first two quarters, 11.5% and 8.7% respectively.  But that spending has fizzled in the 3rd quarter to a tune of 0.8% with the 4th quarter expected to due not much better.  Businesses saw an increase in profits and distributed that increase in buybacks and dividends to stockholders.  It i

Pamela Knight, a child protective investigator with the Illinois Department of Children and Family Service (DCFS), was sent to check on the welfare of a child last fall. When she arrived at the child’s residence, the father viciously attacked her. She died months later as a result of the injuries she sustained during the attack.

November’s midterm was, as we’ve all heard, one of the most important elections of our lifetimes. Our rights, our freedoms, our health, safety, security and dignity were all on the line. Working Minnesotans didn’t just get the message – we shouted it from the rooftops. Through thousands of conversations AFSCME members mobilized voters to elect candidates who share our union values.

This summer, I joined thousands of union members at a rally in Philadelphia to speak out against the Trump administration’s family separation policy. I was there to represent our union’s vision and values. We reject an immigration policy based on fear and cruelty. We embrace an immigration policy based on our common humanity, one that treats everyone with decency and dignity.